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If students have any Query regarding online exam form,communicate with your College Exam Officer(CEO).Click here to Information Details of College Exam Officer(CEO)

(For Students any query regarding exam form, student should communicate to concern college & the only college will communicate to the University from its official mail id (Like CAAP010040) to the examsupport@pun.unipune.ac.in )

Important Instructions to students
  1. Note:-Students ,who are facing problem "PRN Details Not Available...!",should communicate to their colleges
  2. If students facing problem of "PRN Details Not Available...!",should forward their student and subject details through only college. We will accept students details only through colleges.
  3. गैरप्रकरणात सापडलेल्या विद्यार्थ्यांनी परीक्षा अर्ज भरताना पुन्हा त्या परीक्षेसाठी सर्व विषयांचा अर्ज भरावा. परीक्षेच्या काळापर्यंत विद्यापीठाच्या निर्णय त्यांना न कळविल्यास संपूर्ण विषयांची परीक्षा त्यांनी पुन्हा द्यावी. मात्र विद्यापीठातर्फे त्यांच्या प्रकरणांबाबत जो निर्णय दिला जाईल त्यानुसार त्यांच्याबाबत पुढील कारवाही केली जाईल.

    अधिक माहितीसाठी इथे क्लिक करा.

    Those students who held in copy case have fill their exam form for all subjects, while filling exam form. If up to exam period student doesn’t known their decision taken by university/decision not taken by university then students must have to give exam for all subjects. Since whatever decision taken by university for copy case students,students have to accept university decision.

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